Free legal aid: how it works and who can request it

Free legal aid: how it works and who can request it
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Who can ask, where and how

Enforcing your rights in a courtroom can be expensive: in addition to money for the lawyer, you must take into account the administrative costs (which can go from a few dozen up to over one thousand euro) and any technical consultancy fees.If the citizen is not able to bear these expenses, the State intervenes withlegal aid.

Income requirements

In order to apply for legal aid, you must have an income of no more than 10,766.33 euros (the last Irpef declaration is authentic).If you live with your spouse and / or other family members, apart from specific cases, the income considered is that of the entire family unit.For civil trials, the application must be submitted to the secretariat of the council of the Bar Association, which is located inside the Courthouse.As for the competent office, it is the one where the judge who oversees the process is located.

What documents are needed

Forms pre-printed to make the application are available in the lawyers' secretariats.The application must be signed and delivered by attaching a photocopy of the identity document.Within ten days from the filing of the application, the Council of the Bar Association must communicate the acceptance or the refusal of the request to the applicant.If the request is rejected, the possibility remains of asking the question directly to the judge who will take care of the trial.Once admitted to legal aid, it is possible to appoint a lawyer, choosing it from among the members of the relative list of lawyers.

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